Since time immemorial, the face of the Bohemian Switzerland landscape has been also shaped by human presence. Peace crosses, rock chapels and deserted church trails are the reminders of the bygone days of the local inhabitants. The harmony of the local vernacular buildings (semi-timbered houses) still attracts visitors, who started streaming to Bohemian Switzerland as early as the end of the 19th century.

History of Settlement

The romantic name of the area is a product of the modern era, when the region became a destination rather than a home. However, the first humans entered Bohemian Switzerland more than 11,000 years ago... (more)

Vernacular architecture

Up to this day, we can still see in the entire Šluknov Spur territory a number of well-preserved residential houses, grain mills, sawmills, schools and barns which bear witness to the history of the settlement of the region. The uniqueness of these structures was expressed not only by the declaration of a rural historical preserve, but also by the proposal for the inclusion of the “Country of Semi-timbered Houses” in the UNESCO list... (more)

History of tourism

It can be said that beauty of this area was first discovered and presented by Swiss artists, who taught at the Dresden Academy of Art. The appearance of the local landscape reminded them of their homeland, and they called the region “Saxon Switzerland”. The name “Bohemian Switzerland” was derived later... (more)

Bohemian Switzerland’s VIPs

Bohemian Switzerland has deservedly won a reputation of a unique place becuase of its gorgeous nature. However, it is also a region where a number of important persons lived, created their works and left an significant trace... (more)