The story of this area begins millions of years ago, when there was a shallow sea where there is now Bohemian Switzerland. It was the sea’s sand bed that gave birth to the phenomenal world of sandstone after the sea receded. It is a world of rock towers, bridges and gates, a world full of miraculous stone shapes resembling honeycombs or hourglass. 

However, the rocky realm is not an empire of dead stone; it hosts the rarest animals and most remarkable plants


An important chapter of the geologic history of the area was written more than 90 millions of years ago with the creation of sandstone layers on the bottom of Jurassic sea. After the sea recessed landscape enhancement processes transformed the sandstone layer. A landscape of rock “towns”, towers, walls, gorges and ravines was born... (more)


The term “national park” refers to a very valuable natural area, which we protect because of the rare animal species living in the territory and untouched natural locations found here. The inaccessible rocks and forests are home to a number of endangered animal species... (more)


Bohemian Switzerland mostly consists of sandstones, with the soil being too poor for plant growth. Despite this fact, a number of interesting species can be found in the area...(more)